Burn Coins


This API "burns" cryptocurrency from the user wallet. This is akin to burning 🔥 up a US Dollar bill.

As a consequence, the specified amount of cryptocurrency that the user holds is deleted. The deleted currency is not transferred back to the developer. It simply ceases to exist. Think of it as an undo operation to the app/coin/mint API.


Acceptable Use Advisory

Exercise extreme caution and restraint when using the burn API. Otherwise, the ecosystem risks loss of confidence in your brand, in MetaKeep, and the broader Crypto & Web3 ecosystem.

Examples of Acceptable Use:

  1. User "cashes-in" their crypto for a discount on a merchandise.
    • Developer may burn x amount of crypto from user's wallet and discount the merchandise by x.
  2. User returns a merchandise for which they were awarded crypto.
    • Developer may burn the amount of crypto they awarded the user
    • PS: In case of e-commerce transactions, we recommend that you don't assign crypto to user until the transaction passed the return window.
  3. User is discovered to have defrauded the platform.
    • Developer may burn the amount of crypto they awarded the user

Upon calling this API, a transaction is raised and submitted to the Queue on blockchain. MetaKeep, behind the scenes, employs several strategies to make sure transactions succeed, and at the lowest cost.

You can get the status of this blockchain transaction by querying for transaction status by copying transactionId from this API response and querying it in Transaction Status API.


Replaying this API

Once you get a status response as QUEUED, replaying this API doesn't give you the latest status; Replaying the same API with the same Idempotency-Key results in the same response, always with status-QUEUED. You must query the Transaction Status API for the latest status.

As you would learn from the Transaction Status API docs, if a transaction failed, MetaKeep would have exhausted all feasible smart AI based strategies to recover from failure, that would have been attempted by humans and that the "FAILED" status, if shown, is final.


Api Error Status

You can find error status returned by the api here.

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