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Using this API, developers can create new apps. An app is a container for all blockchain objects such as lambdas, collections, NFTs, coins, etc.

App ID

Each created app will have a unique app ID. This ID is used for initializing MetaKeep user SDKs and updating the app. The app ID is returned in the response of the API.

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "app": {
    "appId": "9f456h0f-5f32-468d-6c01-4aa89b1a02ae"

App Chain

When creating the app, you need to specify the chainID of the chain to use for the app. This is immutable and cannot be changed after the app is created.

Here's a list of supported chainIDs along with the chains they represent:

  1. CHAIN_ID_POLYGON_AMOY: Polygon Amoy Testnet
  2. CHAIN_ID_POLYGON_MAINNET: Polygon Mainnet
  3. CHAIN_ID_SOLANA_TESTNET: Solana Devnet. Note that this is connected to Solana Devnet, not Solana Testnet. Solana Testnet is not supported.
  4. CHAIN_ID_SOLANA_MAINNET: Solana Mainnet


Api Error Status

You can find error status returned by the api here.

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