Which library should I use to make API calls?

You can use any HTTP library to make API calls.

You can generate the working code for your preferred language and library from the docs. See below for an example:


First, select the language. You can find more languages in the dropdown after tapping the ellipsis.


Then select the library in the dropdown.

What is the recommended timeout for API calls?

MetaKeep APIs are designed to respond within 5 seconds. We recommend a timeout of 10 seconds for API calls to account for network latency.

Is it safe to retry the API calls in case of timeout or error?

MetaKeep APIs are idempotent. This means that you safely can retry the API calls in case of timeout or network error by providing an idempotency key. The API will return the same response as the previous call. For more details, refer to the Idempotency Key documentation.

Are there any limits on the number of API calls I can make?

The default rate limit is 100 requests per second to prevent unexpected charges. If you want to increase the rate limit, please contact us.

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