About MetaKeep

Our singular mission is to create an inflection point in Web3 and make it mainstream.

Developers are unable to build Web3-enabled experiences for millions of their current users because only an abysmally small population of all the active internet users in the world have active crypto wallets today. We fix this first with MetaKeep's headless Hardware Wallet-as-an-API (WaaAPI), and broadly headless Web3 Infrastructure-as-an-API (IaaAPI) to bridge the 4.9B users that are only on Web2 today.

To enable mass adoption, developers today need to solve the usability and the security of Web3 first before they even get to the actual business problem. So we set out to solve this foundational problem as an open platform once and for all developers, so developers can focus on higher-level problems that matter.

As a developer, you can even build your own Non-Custodial Wallet that scales infinitely without re-inventing security, usability, and partner integrations on top of MetaKeep.

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