MetaKeep Cryptography Services provide complex, cutting-edge cryptography and make it accessible and unbreakable, even for the average user, using industry-leading security anchored in hardware root of trust technology. Imagine having a dedicated, personalized cryptographic processor tucked away in the cloud, immune to theft and tamper-proof and which can only be controlled by you.


Advanced cryptography at your fingertips

Sign documents, verify signatures, create zero-knowledge proofs (prove something without revealing everything), encrypt with public keys, protect sensitive data with proxy encryption, and even perform homomorphic encryption (compute on encrypted data without decrypting it) - all through MetaKeep's intuitive interface.


Zero trust, maximum security

We utilize strict zero-trust principles to generate cryptographic materials within our secure hardware infrastructure. The cryptographic material keys never leave the hardware infrastructure, shielded by full memory encryption at rest and during computations.


A cryptographic superpower in your pocket

Imagine having a personal fortress for your digital assets and data, accessible from anywhere in the world. MetaKeep offers this unrivaled security to everyone.


No hardware to manage

The cryptographic processor resides securely in the cloud, eliminating the risk of loss or damage.


Easy to use, even for beginners

MetaKeep's user-friendly interface makes advanced cryptography accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.


Scalable and future-proof

Our infrastructure is built to handle the demands of tomorrow, ensuring your security remains unwavering as technology evolves.

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