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User Experiences, Processes, Workflows, Systems, and Methods are Protected by US 63/392,720; US 63/392,718; US 63/392,717 and several more. Enforced internationally under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "wallet": {
    "ethAddress": "0xD570518061287E79f137fca98D56902e086f95CB",
    "solAddress": "B4H5koiRxUuGz7YKALucvxUAc81k4b9Xf3aGTFXQ42mF",
    "eosAddress": "EOS8cfYwFefRy1pEeiWhvP5K5H3TV9514jyvuYeHEz1sqXbywGc2f"

User wallet is supported across multiple chains:

  • ethAddress is valid for all EVM-compatible chains- Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avax C-Chain, etc.
  • solAddress is the address of the user on the Solana L1 chain.
  • eosAddress is the address of the user on the EOS and compatible chains.


API Error Status

You can find error status returned by the api here.

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