We have two publicly available environments you can get started with:

  1. Production
  2. Dublin


This is the stable MetaKeep.

APIs to production hit the api.metakeep.xyz FQDN.


Dublin is MetaKeep's staging environment. Use Dublin to test features and fixes that haven't reached production yet.

APIs to Dublin test net hit the api.dublin.metakeep.xyz FQDN


This is the bleeding edge of MetaKeep. Galway endpoints are created as part of MetaKeep's Accelerated Engineering program, exclusively for select developers for select APIs, partnering directly with MetaKeep.

Once satisfied with the look and feel of your applications and infrastructure, moving to the Production / Dublin from the Galway is as simple as changing the API domain name, once the APIs are made available by MetaKeep engineering on respective environments. The API responses will remain identical so the engineering effort required on your end for the switch will be minimal.

APIs to Galway test net hit the api.galway.metakeep.xyz FQDN

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