Naming service

MetaKeep has partnered with FIO to provide a decentralized naming service for developers and their users. The naming service allows developers to allow their customers to have and use human-readable names instead of their blockchain addresses under their branded domain. For example, you can map john@myawesomeapp to the John's ethereum, solana, or any other blockchain address.

The human-readable names(aka User Handles) can be used in place of the blockchain addresses in your app to make it easier for the users to interact with your app, reduce the risk of errors, and increase brand awareness due to users using your branded domain whenever they share their blockchain addresses with others both within and outside your application.

Getting started

MetaKeep has simplified the process of buying and managing custom handles for your users. There are 3 main steps to get started with the naming service:

  1. Purchase a custom domain from the FIO blockchain.
  2. Create a human-readable name for the user under your custom domain. This is also known as the User Handle.
  3. Map the user's custom handle to their blockchain address.

Please refer to the next sections for detailed instructions on each step. We also recommend reading the FIO documentation for more information on the naming service.

You can also find an end-to-end working code sample here.

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