The process of creating an Coin is like this:

  1. Create a new Currency using New Currency
  2. Mint Coins from this Currency using Mint Coins from Currency


Gasless for you and your customers

When you use MetaKeep's infrastructure for Coins (Cryptocurrency), neither you nor your customers have to worry about gas fees. We pick up the tab and bill your account at the end of month for all the gas consumed by your applications.

Testnets (ex: Polygon Amoy, Binance Testnet) are always free.


Built for scale

Mint at the speed of blockchain. Enterprises get unparalleled throughputs at the limit of blockchains, built by the same people who built infrastructure that casually clocks over 50M ops/sec at Meta, Twitter and Google.


Incredible Resiliency

Balances; Nonces; Gas prices; Transaction lifecycle; Parallelization; 3rd party Outages; Retries; And a million other things.

We handle it all automatically with our AI powered Ops which works hand in hand with our team of on-call engineers and redundant infrastructure over Infura, Alchemy, and reserved nodes which ensures you get 99.999% reliability and resiliency that your customers expect of you.

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